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TITLE: Hovmod

Hovmod is inspired by one of the seven deadly sins, seen from a young woman’s perspective of love. Hovmod shows the desire for a fantasi, and that you never are content. The bodypainting are used as an essential tool to get the right feeling in the image, and get the image moving. The performers is in a room of painted fabric that melt into a painting with moving colors. Stills from the movie become self-contained images where the room, colors and body become one.

Skjermbilde 2018-11-04 kl. 17.32.47.png
Skjermbilde 2018-11-19 kl. 21.55.39.png

Æ veit du like mæ (utdrag)

"Æ satt dæ i saksa og forlot dæ der og behandla dæ som luft. Satsa på at du tålte det, 

men så kom æ på, du e en ungfole."

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